What to look out for in winter


Mammals over winter

Different mammals adopt very different strategies to cope with the cold weather over winter.

Insectivores  Moles and shrews must hunt and eat constantly to survive, so no winter holidays for them.  Shrews’ skulls and brains also shrink about 15% to reduce the amount of food they need.

Hedgehogs  sleep continuously throughout the winter.  They must lay down enough fat to last them until spring.

Pipistrelle bat

Bats  All species of British bats hibernate.  There are very few insects flying during winter and they are impossible for bats to store.

Mice do not truly hibernate but sleep for long spells.  They all wake periodically in warm weather to eat from the stores of seeds they collected in autumn.

Badgers remain active all year, although they may lay up during colder spells.  Look for activity along the lanes.


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