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The kitchen and the dining room are an important part of our life together. 

Around our large table we share stories from our day and from our lives. 

At the table we mirror the hospitality that we have received as we lovingly and attentively prepare food for everyone to share.

The rhythms of the year are acted out as we harvest the first new vegetables of the spring to the shorter days of autumn as we gather in the last of the fruit. 

As part of our Franciscan ethos we aim to cook food that is simple, seasonal and nutritious. 

We eat a mainly vegetarian diet with supplies from the garden, supplemented by our own meat and try to use locally sourced food wherever possible.

We make our own bread and yoghurt. Everyone helps to cook, clean and wash up. 

The festivals of the Christian year are occasions for feasting and times for us to celebrate all that we have been gifted by God.

We aim to follow the LOAF principles where possible:

  • Locally sourced – from our own land or from local farms and businesses, trying to avoid unseasonal products and those air freighted.
  • Organic – if available and achievable within our budget
  • Animal friendly – using mostly our own meat and eggs
  • Fairly traded – supporting the best price for farmers and producers rather than choosing the cheapest.

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