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Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen garden is split into two halves: The fruit garden which is mainly soft fruit and the vegetable garden with a large poly tunnel and lean-to greenhouse and 27 raised beds. We raise the majority of our vegetables from seed into modules, concentrating on open pollinated varieties (very few F1 hybrids) so that we can start saving more of our own seed.

We celebrate the no-dig method of growing (literally no or minimum soil disturbance) which has seen an increase in worm populations and improvement of soil fertility. We are not able to be totally self sufficient in fruit and vegetables but manage to produce about 30% of our annual requirements. All chemical free and as fresh as can be!


Our own compost and “hot” compost is supplemented by the contents of the cow shed to protect any bare soil and all the micro life within. Slugs are a constant problem but our 4 small ponds dotted around the garden have encouraged the return, all be it slow, of frogs and we are hoping to create a larger wild life pond this winter.

We mix in several types of annual flowers with the vegetable beds to encourage friendly predators and bees. It is a beautiful, calm and creative place which we encourage all to visit and join in, regardless of your knowledge. To work or just to walk and absorb creation in all its glory.

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