Pigs, Chickens and Bees


We buy rare breed weaners from a local organic farm when they are about 10 weeks old.  This helps to ensure the future of these traditional breeds.  They are reared here outdoors in a large pen with trees and mud to play in and are fed organic feed that is largely grown in the UK.

When the time comes we do all of the butchering making use of every part of the animal to provide bacon, hams, salamis etc.

Pigs are well known for their friendly accepting nature that makes them always popular with guests. 


The Friary normally has around 25 laying hens providing eggs for the table and occasionally a surplus to sell.

They are fed an organic feed made mainly from crops grown in the UK.

Their house and outdoor pen is moved every few weeks to provide them fresh foraging and avoiding a build-up of parasites and disease. 


The Friary look after a number of bee hives.  As well as providing valuable pollination services they also produce a surplus of honey we can share in.  Along with all they lovely wildflowers, the main flow of honey comes from the amazing lime avenue planted just before the Friary’s foundation 100 years ago.  We try to look after them as naturally as possible.  We avoid chemicals and leave them their own honey for winter rather than feeding them sugar syrup.  

Hilfield Friary is part of the Society of St Francis, a worldwide Anglican

Religious Order.  Visit their website:  https://www.franciscans.org.uk/

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