Sheep are not always the best partners in wildflower meadow management because they can be picky eaters preferring to eat the flowers rather than the grass.  As long as we don’t have too many and we keep them off of the meadows at the crucial time they can do a great job keeping the grass tight.  This can help give the flowers a chance in spring.

For this reason we keep Poll Dorset sheep due to their unusual ability to lamb at any time of the year.  This allows us to have lambs born in late summer, they grow through autumn and winter when we need the extra mouths to help with the meadow management. 

In spring when the flowers begin to grow we can then reduce the numbers of sheep again and keep them away from the meadows until they have been cut for hay in late summer.  As with our other animals we are committed to taking responsibility for butchering the lambs to ensure nothing is wasted and that we are truly aware and grateful of the cost of meat we eat. 


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